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  • Quality Castings - Cleaning Room 2014 - C620 E4

    Clansman Dynamics Products

    Clansman manipulators operate in some of the toughest manufacturing environments in the world but continue to provide supremely robust high-technology solutions for material handling in forges, foundries, steelworks and even garbage handling for energy conversion. Superior reliability and maximum simplicity means more up-time, lower maintenance costs, and smoother production.

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  • Hi-Vac Corporation

    Hi-Vac Products

    Since 1969, Hi-Vac Corporation has built a reputation as a global manufacturer of durable and cost-effective industrial cleaning equipment. We supply portable industrial vacuum cleaners, stationary vacuum systems with central piping and accessories, mobile and truck mounted vacuum loaders, combination sewer jetting and vacuum units, industrial floor sweepers, and vacuum excavators to meet the needs of most manufacturing industries, municipalities, and specialty contractors.

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  • Industrial Accessories Company Products

    IAC is a new and after-market parts and equipment supplier for over 255 different OEM's. With a complete parts warehouse and years of experience, IAC can provide the best service in the pneumatic conveying, dust collection and bulk material handling industry.

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  • Iowa Engineered Processes Corp. Products

    For the past twenty-five years, IEPC has been building and refining the Cascade Deburring and Cleaning System. The Cascade System is a patented process for the cleaning, polishing and deburring of metal castings. With Cascade systems established in 10 countries on three continents, this unique process has set the standard for manufacturers around the world.

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  • JDB Bag Dump w/ElbowFlow conveyor

    JDB Dense Flow Products

    J.D.B. Dense Flow Inc. has Dense Phase Pneumatic Conveying experience dating back to 1976. Their experience is now being applied to designing and manufacturing some of the most cost effective, efficient, high quality Dense Phase Pneumatic Conveying Systems available today. J.D.B Dense Flow offers a system with low initial cost, low installation cost and low maintenance characteristics.

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