The New Clansman Dynamics "G" Series Grinder

 Clansman has released the new “G” Series grinder which is designed as a replacement to the traditional swing frame grinders.


  • The G45 grinder offers increased production by the use of a powerful 45kw (60HP) motor and a slave arm that can apply high levels of force to ensuring the 500mm grinding stone operates at the optimum level of pressure for maximum metal removal, a pressure that could not be applied continuously by a human.


  • Health and safety is greatly improved as the operator is no longer holding on to, or handling a high frequency vibrating grinding machine.


  • Risk of injury and industrial claims is greatly reduced.


  • Operator sits behind a ballistic glass screen and operates the machine using Clansman’s well proven manipulator control system with force feedback.


  • Electric drive though Vee belts for ease of maintenance and operation


  • Tilting turntables can be supplied to provide maximum flexibility and twin turntables provide maximum production throughput.

The G45 video can be viewed at http://www.clansmandynamics.com/lang/en/foundryapplications.htm


The full range of Clansman products can be seen at http://www.clansmandynamics.com


Please do not hesitate to contact us should you wish further information on the G45 or any other products in the Clansman range.

Product Photos